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My wife heard me say I love you a thousand times, but she never once heard me say sorry.
I feel very deeply that the people's voice should be heard -- that a matter such as the definition of marriage is fundamental in our society, and that the citizens should have a right to be heard,
Several people who were there heard Dexter Bingham arguing with several men. They heard a shot, and Dexter died at the scene.
I'm very, very excited. Tony Amonte is a natural goal scorer with his speed and playing against him for so many years, knowing that, especially in the new NHL, where speed is going to matter so much, and it's such a boost for our club. And Darren McCarty, three Stanley Cups, and he's so hard to play against. You play against him and he can skate, he's physical and he can score goals. And these guys I've heard nothing but good things from other players. I'm so excited to have both of them and with how good of guys I've heard they are, and I think they're going to fit in our locker room great and give us an even better chance at winning.
The big thing that I wanted to do was touch on the very start of rock and roll, I loved this moment in rockabilly music. I loved the idea of people making music because they loved music and not because they saw the video or how to market themselves. A very big point for me in this movie is that John didn't arrive at Sun as the man in black. He didn't already know his marketing angle. He didn't have it worked out. He was just trying to be heard and however that would work or not work was fine, but he just needed to be heard. What was magic to me about that moment in time was that it was a moment before the term 'rock and roll star' existed.