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Until power is hooked back up, until there are places where you can go get gas and you can go get something to eat, I'm better off being here.
I still think he'll make a lot of money, ... He rehabs and all this stuff, if he continues to do what he's done in the past, he'll be fine. He'll come back better, in better physical condition. Mentally, he'll probably be stronger. And the contract situation will take care of itself.
I have a lot of family in town. I don't want him embarrassing me, so I'm going to bring my best game. Growing up, I watched him as a Minnesota fan. I've seen him make spectacular plays, but I'm definitely looking forward to playing against him. I want to tell my kids one day that, yeah, I sacked Brett Favre.
He said, '(We) saw the first power truck today in the area, so we're hoping to get power.' But he said, '(We) don't know where we're going to run power to,'
They have nowhere to go. There's no power. When they will get power? They're saying two months, ... If you're first in the line, it may be a week. If you're last, it may be two months. Where they start and where they finish, I don't know.