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I wonder if all the disclosures about Kennedy's tawdry nature in the White House -- about his affairs -- has something to do with it, ... I think that the comparisons being drawn between Clinton and Kennedy do not look favorably on either of them, and I think people may have lost some of their respect for Kennedy.
David's track record of success is well-documented, and we are confident that he has the talent to represent over-the-air broadcasting inside the Beltway and around the world with distinction.
They want more detail about where the money goes. I see them as more informed investors who want to be wise and cautious about their gifts.
I was the first boy in the Kennedy family to graduate from college.
[Outlook: Stang returns four starters from last year's successful team, and is looking poised for a run at an Eastern Athletic Conference championship. Meunier, Elder, and Zychowicz will lead the team, and give Kennedy flexibility at the top of the lineup. Three sophomores and five seniors may also be in the mix for Stang.] Everyone's striking the ball really well, ... We have a real solid team. Everyone has improved since last year.