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[Why, he wanted Wright to tell him, did the fans love Mr.Met?] Yeah, that's what he asked me, ... People are starting to create some crazy stories.
You look in the stands and you see grown men crying,
You look in the stands and you see grown men crying. It was special to be a part of it as a player. You've got to be The Man to have a major-league game stop for you. As a teammate you go through a wide range of emotions. It's obviously sad. I saw a tear come from his eye. But it's also great to see the fans respect and support him the way they did.
I guess that's the beauty of this game, that there's so much room for improvement in every player, ... Unless you can say you'll go out there and hit 1.000 all year, there's room for improvement.
You can't have everything. Where would you put it?