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He's now a major player in this race. He deserves to have the full spotlight put on his family.
It was nothing to do about science, ... It was one zeal to beat Garry Kasparov. And when a big corporation with unlimited resources would like to do so, there are many ways to achieve the result.
I love playing in the South, ... I play lots of concerts in Cleveland and Boston and other cities up North, but I don't feel as comfortable as I do when I'm home in the South.
It's tough to juggle things with your family. I had three great years at South. We had a good run [in 2005]. I'm quite happy with what we accomplished. I really enjoyed the people. I hold no ill will toward anybody at South.
Substantive future investments from our federal government must be rooted in the principles of accountability and a clear strategy for building a New South: a New South that is stronger, better, and full of economic opportunities for all citizens.