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We know that when people are safe in their homes, they are free to pursue their dream for a brighter economic future for themselves and their families.
My view has always been and I believe it's the law in New York state, that marriage in New York is between a man and a woman, period. That's the law; it's been that way for 200 years,
Governor Pataki's proposal to create an education tax credit is a valuable, exciting development in education reform. Parents who are most in need of choices in education have a new door opened to them. Programs such as this in a half-dozen other states have spurred millions of dollars in private investment in education and have made a huge difference in the lives of many low-income families.
are deeply shocked that this incident occurred. We send George and Olivia all our love and wish George a speedy recovery.
It's great to be back home in Midland. We so appreciate your love and support. George sends his best to everyone here. George doesn't like to think of his home as historic, but he does turn 60 in July.