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Certainly, there are people whose family members were on the plane that want the heroism that transpired that day to be public knowledge.
He just really felt like he fit in there. He loved the team and the coaches and just felt like he belonged.
[The Dodgers] obviously felt like they needed to spend that kind of money to offset some of the benefits he would have enjoyed with us -- familiarity, team support and a manager he knows and admires. Maybe they felt like they had to blow the doors off him, I'm surmising.
My family prayed about it and we felt like we got the answers, so I might as well commit. It was probably just the family atmosphere. I felt comfortable around all the players, the coaches, everyone.
I felt like I was in a dream out there. I felt totally surreal - like 'What's going on?' Mary Sue's in and is playing second then the next end she's playing lead so it was just very confusing. I still don't know how we won the game quite frankly.