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We made progress, particularly on issues of long-term contracting, to bring down the rates and ensure reliable power.
In some parts of California, people are going without power, ... I would love to keep the lights on. But it's important that we all pull together to reduce the strain on the grid.
If we come together and unite against this recall, we will beat back this power grab and send a message from California to Crawford, Texas, to the White House: We are not going to stand for a Republican power grab,
I love the way he comes out for Davis Cup. He brings that energy, he likes the big stage and things matter in Davis Cup. I like the way he's performed in Davis Cup and I like what I've seen from him.
It's not really that frustrating. We'd always want to have Davis Love here. It's his golf course, he's a North Carolina guy, but beyond that, we just want Davis to be healthy.