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Clearly, we are going to start reaching out all over the country for money now, ... one of my absolute heroes.
We will not rest, ... until there's a quality education -- public, private, parochial, charter, magnet or whatever -- for every child living in the United States of America, every family in America. We should be their party.
I think live was our best medium
I always enjoyed seeing [broadcasters] Jack Buck and talking to Mike Shannon. I nicknamed him Jack 'Big Money' Buck. I thought he'd go to the bank before he got here to show me he had a whole wad of hundreds. I always asked to see his bankroll. I miss Jack a lot. I like talking baseball with those guys.
A lot of it boils down to convenience, as men tend to like food to be quick and easy. It's also because we don't have a long-term view of health: we're risk-takers by habit. I'm amazed how many men become chefs, actually.