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Soms hebben we een poŽet nodig om de taal van ons hart hoorbaar te maken.
Stock options are a red herring, ... The issue is excessive compensation for executives in whatever currency is used -- stock, money, apartments and whatever else.
I love it. They're hitting on all cylinders. We have a buy on the stock, and we feel the stock's worth in the mid-50s. It's a whole new ballgame in the steel industry, and the titanium industry.
I find that love is sometimes like stock.You contribute and contribute and build some confidence in hope that you will get a greater result in return or at least equal to. But when the stock crashes you find that you lose more than what you contribute. You lose your dignity, hope , dreams and a feeling of being defeated. Your confidence for another stock is bruised but in mind needed, in hope to regain what was already lost! Then the cycle continues, and you are back to where you started.
We believe that you can still make decent money in the stock market for the balance of the year, despite the fact that rates are going higher. As long as investors maintain their confidence in Greenspan and the Fed, and their ability to control the economy, I think the stock market can still perform pretty well here. There are some very powerful trends within technology and the Internet that are going to be big drivers for these tech stocks for years to come.