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Even good things can hurt you if you do them to the point of neglecting family, friends, or other interests.
I went to have dinner at their house before I even heard about the movie. We were in their living room and John just started strumming. He said he was waiting for June before he could get his nerve up. And I thought, 'Wow, this is Johnny Cash waiting to get his nerve up. This guy has played prisons and he's nervous.' Then June came in and they started singing On the Banks of the River Jordan and they're looking into each other's eyes, and the connection and love they had was palpable.
It's human nature to always look at what your neighbor is doing.
General [Tommy] Franks ordered this operation, and it was a success.
You can't do things for money. You just can't act them. There's gotta be something about the script that you really want to do. I wouldn't do a job if I didn't think I could do the best work I possibly could.