Karen black

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I love coloring books. I keep some by my bed.
I love playing strong women, even if they're nuts.
I love what I do, so it's not tiring. If I worked at a computer or drove a truck, I'd be dead in a week.
How could I resist? Look, I love that record and have nothing but great, great memories of my time with BLACK SABBATH . Tony was really busy but got his solos to me at the last minute as he promised and they are just fantastic. I think BLACK SABBATH fans will be over the moon when they hear what he's done. As for Roger and Ian , well, they just sound great on this song so it really did become 'Black Purple'. Personally, I love the irony of it all.
The SS were the men in black. He was proud to be a man in black and they were pleased to have him. He always wanted to be the best and he was more intelligent than those around him.