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Upon viewing this exhibition, you can observe and feel the inspiration these artists echo of the boundless beauty offered by the Great Smoky Mountains and the people who live here in Sevier County.
Phil Mickelson hit a big driver, power fade down there and had a pitching wedge to the green. The hole wasn't intended to play like that. I believe [Ben] Hogan is quoted as saying, 'If you ever see me on that green, you know I've missed the shot.' Well, if Hogan was hitting a damn pitching wedge, he wouldn't have been to the right of the green. He'd have been within three feet of the cup.
If little green men land in your back yard, hide any little green women you've got in the house.
To our Green Brook family, she and Vern were called very affectionately Mr. and Mrs. Green Brook, ... She gave so much to our town and was always there if something needed to be done.
Live yellow, go green or live green, go yellow.