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Believe you are, and you will be!
[Dr. Peter Goodwin, an Oregon physician who is an expert on that state's Death with Dignity, which is being challenged by the Bush Administration before the U.S. Supreme Court, presented his own views.] I have treated scores of terminally-ill patients, and not one of them wanted to die. Not one of them wanted to 'kill' themselves, ... These patients wanted to live as long as they could experience life. They did not, however, want to prolong their deaths. As a physician, I resent the term 'physician-assisted suicide.' I have never felt I was assisting a suicidal patient, but rather aiding a patient with his or her end-of-life choice.
Somebody said of Chase that he understood men as as a whole but not individual man.
At this level, it's not about shelter anymore. It's about creating a property that reflects their success and their personality.
But if more mothers and more women connect to the losses over there, it could move like wildfire across the country.