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[ohn McCoy is running from his childhood dreams. Running hard.] I would have dreams of me getting zero yards the night before the game, so when I would get the ball it was, 'That's not going to happen today,' ... So I ran as hard as I could, and I still do.
I'm here to support the May family. It has nothing to do with the death penalty.
We haven't heard, ... If he doesn't come through with the money, then we'll have to go to Town Meeting and ask for it because I'm not getting any younger.
Tom and Shirley were like Julie McCoy on the Love Boat. We'd go to their room every night for a cocktail party before dinner.
Security increases costs by 10 to 25%, so we're not getting our value for money. Security was factored in at a rate of 9% we didn't know it would be this much,