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Kelly just had more success against Arizona. I was trying to match up the best pitcher against the type of team that we were facing that day, so I decided to start Kelly.
Keating understood the power of tradition yet he loved to break the rules and create a new orthodoxy. That's what he did as treasurer saying, in effect, that Labor runs a market model with equity, and it worked. When he became PM, he tried to construct a new set of Labor beliefs based on Asian engagement, reconciliation and the republic. For Keating, these weren't just policies; they were the new Labor template handed down from the mount. The trouble, of course, was his inability to convert a lot of the public.
A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
Een regering die Peter berooft om Paul te betalen, kan altijd rekenen op de steun van Paul.
One thing is certain, I'm confident Paul will make the right decision. He'll talk with his family. Whatever Paul decides will be the right decision.