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Frankly, there is plenty of money in the federal budget for Social Security until the year 2037, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.
Gaming tribes are getting the same amount of money distributed to them under old formulas. I think it's time to look at perhaps a new formula that gives those who don't have the benefit of casinos a larger share of the government's assistance.
There's $505 billion -- a very large amount of money -- that can be used for high priority items, such as education, national defense and repairing and reforming Medicare, including prescription drugs.
I'm very shocked and I hope it's not as bad as it sounds. I'm a friend of Pete's. I love Pete, and my thoughts are with him.
We love what Pete is doing here. He does a great job winning games and graduating players. Pete wants to be at USC as long as he can, and we want him here, too.