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Sleep deprivation is clearly linked to accidents and was reported to be a factor in the death of a Princeton student a few years ago.
It's a lot of leg work. It's very, very difficult. I was with five foster families before the orphanage, and back then, everything was on paper. Social Services lost my information since everything is on computer now.
They thought it was best to keep us together, but it was hard for a family to take three children. Kennedy Homes was one of the best things that could happen to me. I didn't feel like an outsider anymore.
I think we were all taken aback by the impact that Peter's illness and death had on the broader organization. As much as we knew Peter was stitched into the fabric of ABC News, I don't think we understood the extent of it.
We took a gamble on Johnson and he dogged it. We risked a lot of money to do it, and he didn't come through. But now Sam Peter is in that situation, too. We've got a lot of other good, young fighters. But Sam Peter is our franchise fighter, a guy who can really turn our company around, and this is the single most important fight we've had since Johnson-Ruiz.