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The government is deepening its crackdown in Ethiopia's rural areas, far from the eyes and ears of international observers.
Rebel and government commanders alike must order their forces to protect all civilians, regardless of ethnicity. Attacking civilians and targeting ethnic groups are forbidden under the laws of war.
The Ethiopian government is violently suppressing any form of protest and punishing suspected opposition supporters. Donor governments should insist on an independent, credible investigation into abuses by federal police and local officials in rural as well as urban areas.
African leaders must put all possible pressure on the Sudanese government to stop impeding the effective operation of AMIS. The Sudanese government's continued attacks on civilians merit a tougher response from the African Union.
I think we were all taken aback by the impact that Peter's illness and death had on the broader organization. As much as we knew Peter was stitched into the fabric of ABC News, I don't think we understood the extent of it.