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If you lived through the shooting of Jaws, you can live through anything.
Now I'm back home, living in London, running my theater. I just want to enjoy all that.
Tony's book confronts head-on the idea that the reason [the men] joined up is because of these movies, ... It gave me the opportunity to shoot this moment where you're shooting a bunch of guys about to go to war who are watching a movie about a bunch of guys at war, knowing that our film will be seen by a bunch of guys who are possibly going to go to war. It's all a weird discussion of how movies affect us.
The nice thing is, because the movie has been a success, there's the occasional party, the occasional premiere, opening. I see a lot of Kevin and Annette. Annette is pregnant so I haven't seen her that much, but Kevin is a one-man publicity machine for this movie. He's unbelievable -- I mean, how does he have the energy? Annette can't really fly, and they just ask her about (her husband) Warren (Beatty) the entire time, but Kevin has been on the campaign trail.