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There was a book shelf in our living room with books that were left on it by my dad who was a big tough guy fan. So you would find your Mickey Spillane there. So I'm literally a nine year old kid reading Mickey Spillane and my father is very upset because of the dirty parts you know. The naked parts.
How could I resist? Look, I love that record and have nothing but great, great memories of my time with BLACK SABBATH . Tony was really busy but got his solos to me at the last minute as he promised and they are just fantastic. I think BLACK SABBATH fans will be over the moon when they hear what he's done. As for Roger and Ian , well, they just sound great on this song so it really did become 'Black Purple'. Personally, I love the irony of it all.
The SS were the men in black. He was proud to be a man in black and they were pleased to have him. He always wanted to be the best and he was more intelligent than those around him.
What that did was take a lot of money from black theaters. It really hurt the black theater.
When the black woman knows who she is, the black man will know who he is. Carry yourself like a queen and you will get treated like one. Ladies, we are more powerful than we think.