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I love coming back here with all the great memories I have here and great friends. And everywhere you go, there's always somebody that talks about some of the teams I played on. And because of the hurricane, I got a lot of family that lives here.
I love it. I wish we could play the last 20 games like this because I really want to try to go into the playoffs playing at a high level. But you can't play at a high level when you're playing against teams that don't really have anything to play for.
They're all competing. That's what I love about this situation that's a little bit different than what we've had. There's no politics. The best players are going to play.
For me, personally, I love to see the teams going to places we never get to see in mainstream media. . . . It's always a big eye-opener for these teams to go to someplace that is just very different from their local community. There's one location that we get to in the Middle East where the teams are immersed in a daily task that a lot of the local people have to go through. And it's great to see teams that are used to going down to the 7-Eleven suddenly having to cope with living life in a completely different way.
"Let our Love be the spark which brightens a glow, in the hearts of the ones we love and care about." ~ Tom Baker