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She lived there and enjoyed the reconstruction of the house. She was very instrumental in getting some of the furniture back.
She was living at the old house with the Guild family members (when the armed services held) maneuvers behind Rose Mont. They owned about 300-400 acres there. George Patton and Omar Bradley were there. George Patton asked her if she would do some laundry for him, and he didn't like something she did, and she just told him what she thought. She was a very strong willed person.
More things belong to marriage than four bare legs in a bed. John Heywood The Proverbs of John Heywood (1546)
[Like this one a few years ago:] Hello, John, this is Eric Clapton, ... Love to do your song.
One of the most transformative moments of John's life was when Josie and Jack became part of their family five years ago. What an amazing moment for John and Jane!