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That's the [direction] we're heading in. When you have kids and homes, you don't want to make your living touring. Plus, I came into all this trying to do music for films.
Stephen Drew and his family feel the two sides can agree on a deal that satisfies both parties. Our hope is always for our young men to be happy, and I do sincerely feel that Stephen Drew will be happy.
The nice thing is, because the movie has been a success, there's the occasional party, the occasional premiere, opening. I see a lot of Kevin and Annette. Annette is pregnant so I haven't seen her that much, but Kevin is a one-man publicity machine for this movie. He's unbelievable -- I mean, how does he have the energy? Annette can't really fly, and they just ask her about (her husband) Warren (Beatty) the entire time, but Kevin has been on the campaign trail.
I want people to love me, but it's not going to hurt me if they don't.
I never regret anything. Because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are in the end.