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It's just nuts, the idea you could live there now, ... There's no power, no water, no sewage, no AC, nowhere to get food and no emergency service to speak of. It's not safe by any stretch.
The nice thing is, because the movie has been a success, there's the occasional party, the occasional premiere, opening. I see a lot of Kevin and Annette. Annette is pregnant so I haven't seen her that much, but Kevin is a one-man publicity machine for this movie. He's unbelievable -- I mean, how does he have the energy? Annette can't really fly, and they just ask her about (her husband) Warren (Beatty) the entire time, but Kevin has been on the campaign trail.
Right now she seems to be living that moment, where she's coming up big in those situations.
Livonia would save money because they wouldn't have to run their own 9-1-1 center.
I'd be happy to have the federal government join us in the prosecution.